How to Choose the Right Scaffolding for your Project

Having the right scaffolding for a project is vital. If it’s not the appropriate structure for the building, the safety of the workers and people around the scaffolding could be compromised.

Another big reason for making sure you have the right scaffolding is that the contractors working on your project will be able to maximise their productivity and get as much done as possible.

There are some simple things you can watch out for when your scaffolding contractor is working out what scaffolding you need for your project.

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Tailoring your scaffolding

A good scaffolder company will tailor your framework to the job rather than erecting the same standard structure across all of their projects. They will check that end frames, braces, outriggers and base plates are all fully operational and appropriate for your construction.

A scaffolder will also ensure that scaffold boards, toe guards and guard rails are fit for purpose and safe for everybody to use.

Accessibility and functionality

Another important part of making sure you get the right structure for your project is that it should be able to go up and down quickly. The quicker it is assembled and disassembled, the less it will cost you in labour.

As long as the team works systematically and safely, you will end up with a framework that is safe and specific to the job that will be done on the scaffolding. For example, a structure will be biased for painters so they can reach parts that are hard to cover. For electrical installations, it might be top-heavy so lots of tools can be used on the platform, distributing the weight accordingly.

There are plenty of scaffolders that will be able to help you choose the right scaffolding for your project. Every construction is different, so it’s best to get at least 3 quotes and compare the prices before you make a decision.

Emily Rivers

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