5 Things you Must do when Erecting Scaffolding

Erecting scaffolding can seem daunting, so if you have the money to hire a contractor to erect it for you, it might be the safer option. But if you only need to build a simple tower, you can rent scaffolding material cheaply.

As long as you feel confident and follow these 5 tips, you should be able to do some simple scaffold work yourself.

1. Plan

Planning is vital in any home improvement project, but in something like scaffolding it is especially true. If you’re going to rent the materials, make sure you do a sketch so you can see everything you need to order.

Don’t try to erect the scaffolding if you have missing pieces – this is extremely dangerous as you could cause the structure to collapse under any weight. As long as you plan well in advance you won’t be left without any vital parts.

2. Get the area ready

Make sure that the area that you will be erecting scaffolding on is level and will support the structure in wet weather. If the ground is uneven or won’t hold the scaffolding, you could end up injuring yourself and anyone else who uses the scaffolding.

erecting scaffolding yourself
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3. Be safe at all times

Never cut corners with your scaffolding. Follow all the same safety precautions that a company would, so using ladders and fixing handrails, toe boards and access gates.

And of course, don’t forget your gloves, hard hats and goggles.

4. Use boarding

Boarding helps to make the scaffolding safer and easier to work on. They can be used to store materials and create a strong platform to work from.

Never use rotten or damaged boards as they could fall through at any moment, causing serious injury.

5. Inspection

Make sure that whoever is responsible for the scaffolding inspects it every day before anyone is allowed to use it. Create an inspection log that should be signed and dated every day, and points out any faults with the structure.

Make sure you also inspect the scaffolding planks, handrails and toe boards to ensure everything is safe to use.

If you’re not keen on erecting scaffolding yourself, use a reliable company to do it for you. We can put you in touch with up to 4 reputable tradesmen to help you put up scaffolding.

Emily Rivers

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